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Europe = Free shipping from €100,-

Bont Cycling testimonials

Vera Koch

Hi everyone,

This year i bought the bont riot+ in white.
I got the black one year’s ago. I love those shoes.
Since i was a speedskater i used bont shoes, also custom shoes.
In my opinion they are the best fitting standard shoes on the market.
Btw they are heat moldable.

Greetings from German

Nicklas Plambeck

After wearing “normal fit” cycling shoes for years i switched to Bont (Vaypor S), and I am never wearing other cycling shoes again. 

The experience of painfree feet after hours in the saddle is addicting. 

Howard Triggs

I’m really tall and I have very wide feet, when I was researching which shoes would be best for me, the BONT brand came up time and time again. 
I’m so pleased with my triathlon shoes, they are super quick and easy to get on in transition and they are so comfortable.

Maurice Reinders

Here’s my story after purchasing (now two) pairs of colorful cycling shoes.

After my 20-year-old cycling shoes were really worn out, I searched for suitable successors for a while. Tried and bought different brands, but finding a good shoe seemed almost impossible. I mainly suffered from cold feet or cramps in my feet (and the latter usually after I had cycled). Searched the internet for solutions for this and was almost on the point of starting to work with Carbon and Epoxy to make cycling shoes.

Fortunately, I came across an article about Bont cycling shoes in time. The article gave a description of the background of the shoe and the person who wrote the review was rid of his complaints with the Bont cycling shoes.

Then I went looking for a place where they sell these shoes. At I bought my first pair. The purple/orange shoes were probably not the ‘common version’, so I could buy and test them as a Riot version for a nice price.

By now I had gotten used to a double boa closure, so the riot closure with Velcro took some getting used to. But I too was rid of my complaints, just like the person whose review I had read. The sole of this shoe is really dimensionally stable / firm, but so good that there is enough space for your foot. So for me the Bont Cycling shoes are the shoes! So when I saw a set of new Bont cycling shoes in the screaming color ‘crimson / khaki’ on Marktplaats for very little, I didn’t hesitate for a moment and scored my second set of shoes. Last year for the first time completed a nice 10,000 km on the racing bike with these cycling slippers from Bont.

And they are not only worn in good weather, but also in spring and autumn. And they hold up well and look super ‘screaming’ again after drying and cleaning.

Delicious and highly recommended in my opinion. I am only curious about the vaypor version with double boa or the version with laces. Those look like the ultimate shoes to me!


Piotr Krol

… Well, I’ve only used my Vaypor S for 6 months now. But now I can’t imagine riding in other shoes. In short: comfort, strength, stiffness and beauty – the best shoes on the market. 

Andrés Vargas

I’ve taken my Zero+ shoes along on two cycling vacations through Spain. First in Málaga and then to Girona. These have been the best trips with friends, and the shoes helped me keep up with my crazy friends up the amazing climbs in the area.
Attached is a picture of me reaching the top of Puerto del Sol.
Andrés Vargas