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Off Road - Wall Mounted


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11 - 30 16,95

A pair of wall mounted cleats to hold both shoes safely against any wall or flat surface. Create your own space for your cycling shoes and keep them high, dry and fresh!

Shoe hangers wall brackets netcleats cycling shoes


  • Easy to use: one click to open and one click to close. 
  • Strong materials for long term usage.
  • Keep your shoes high and dry.
  • Create a wonderful display at preferred location.
  • Prolong the lifetime of your cycling shoes.

Why choose Reins.cc?

  • Ordered before 15:00 = shipped today from the Netherlands.
  • Always 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Pay safe with Credit Card and many other European payment options.
  • Service from experts, which are always there for you.
  • 30 days consideration time for cash back.

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