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In order to choose the rigth size, we recommend to go to our special PAGE. Just follow the steps, it should not be difficult. If you still have questions, just send us an email: 

After placing an order you will get a confirmation email. After that we either send the order directly (including track & trace) or we contact you because the chosen item is not in stock (could happen in high season). In this case we give you the best and fastest options/alternatives possible. 

We send our shipments with DPD. The moment your package leaves the warehouse, an automatic DPD track & trace will be send to your email address. 


Call Robert: +31644847972 (Bont Cycling Europe distribution and warehousing.) 

Vaypor S

The Bont Cycling Vaypor S is one of our most popular models. Featuring an integrated retention system with two BOA IP1 dials, the Vaypor S offers our most secure high-end construction with a fit that pulls the foot firmly towards the back of the shoe – rather than simply pushing it into the sole.

Combined with Bont’s powerfully stiff sole and anatomically correct design, the Vaypor S is the go-to for the sport’s fastest. Choose the Vaypor S if you’re someone who likes speed, sprints, attacks and an obsession with white line fever.

When it comes to equipping the pro peloton, the Vaypor S is our most popular choice. Ridden by sprinter Caleb Ewan, ridden and ridden by three-time IRONMAN World Champion Jan Frodeno and trusted by WorldTour men and women around the world, the Vaypor S is what we call the racer’s choice.


You would think from the description above that the Helix was a second-rate option compared to the Vaypor S, but that is obviously not the case at all. In fact, the Helix takes our proven Vaypor S platform, a race-winning construction and anatomical fit that throws convention into the background.

BOA IP1 single dial retention systems have been redesigned, the Helix uses a complete wrap wiring system for our most even and comfortable fit yet. Designed to handle all the rigors of the WorldTour season + built to provide all-day comfort. The Helix is ​​perfect for riders looking for every little bit of performance advantage, but with the simplicity of a single-dial BOA system. Worn by professionals in road and gravel competitions and trusted by riders of the Israel Cycling Academy. The Helix may be a newcomer to the market, but it has quickly become a favorite.
The most anatomically correct and technically advanced cycling shoe in the world. Wherever you want to ride, the Helix will take you there.


Performance and luxury are taken to new heights with the Vaypor+. And is one of the toppers of our range. Designed with Bont Cycling’s renowned construction methods, the Vaypor+ combines classic materials with state-of-the-art implementation. For those who demand their gear always look good and push their bodies to the limit, the Vaypor+ is perfect for you.

The chassis is the heart of the Vaypor+ and is hand-built with 100% unidirectional carbon fiber from the world’s largest carbon manufacturer, Toray of Japan. Each fiber is meticulously positioned in the matrix based on its stretch properties to ensure the most effective combination of energy transfer, stiffness, weight and comfort.

They are also heat moldable.
Kangaroo leather is used not only for its supple and soft feel, but also for its incredible strength and abrasion resistance. This super lightweight and luxurious material allows us to deliver a premium shoe without any reduction in weight. We call the Vaypor+ our sporty shoe because it’s made for long distances and almost too beautiful to race… almost.

The fit of the Vaypor+ differs from both the Vaypor S and Helix in a number of ways. The Vaypor+ has a more relaxed fit compared to our two competitive models and has a slightly wider and less firm heel cup, while the toe area is also more generous. For those who want a stiff and comfortable shoe, but with a slightly less ‘locked in’ feel, the Vaypor+ is the way to go.

Our test has shown the Zero+ to be the fastest cycling shoe in the world. But like many wind tunnel data published in the cycling world, it often comes down to application and interpretation.

We can confidently say that our Zero+ is one of the fastest shoes ever produced by Bont Cycling, which is why former hour record holder Alex Dowsett chose to ride the Zero+ during his record attempt. Then there’s Jan Frodeno who has contributed to up to 4 Iron Man world titles with the Zero+ and countless other victories. Although we can’t prove he wouldn’t have won without the Zero+, we’re confident the shoes have helped him to get there!

You will always have an advantage when it comes to training and competitions. A Zero+ rider is more calculated than the traditional competition rider!

Bont Cycling has been making fully custom cycling shoes for over ten years and our fully customized processes are supported by more than 40 years of manufacturing high-quality athletic shoes. The shoes are built around the exact shape of the customer’s foot. While our standard offering uses our renowned anatomical last (which a shoe is built around), fully custom shoes take it to the next level with a shoe built around an exact replica of your feet.

How is this done?

Fully custom shoes are built using foot casts to be supplied by the customer. Every little detail of the foot is placed in the casting which is then transported into the foot last (gypsum socks mould). Tall, short, wide, narrow or completely unique shoes are designed for those who have not been able to find the perfect fit in ordinary cycling shoes. Already fit in a standard Bont Cycling shoe and love it? Full customization isn’t necessarily for you, but semi-custom might be your ultimate upgrade.

For best results, we strongly recommend that the foot casting process be performed by a trained professional who is familiar with making castings designed for cycling shoes. At Reins we have experts who are specialized in this. Make an appointment here with the “casting king” and visit our store. It is also possible to have this done in the comfort of your home, in case absolutely necessary. If you live far away, we are happy to send you the necessary materials to make the gypsum casts. With video call, email, telehpone etc. we can give assistance too if needed. 

Fully custom shoes are an investment and well worth the time and effort to have the castings professionally made. Accuracy is absolutely crucial when it comes to casting the feet. The better the castings, the better the result!

Where do I start?

To get the process started, simply place an order and our team will contact you shortly to discuss the next steps. Please note that fully customized shoes are non-returnable and most customers receive their finished shoes within 6 weeks.

This includes time to have the castings made and shipped to our factory in China.

Still have any questions about full custom customization? Please ask via
Or contact one of our specialists by phone. +31 (0) 6 44 84 79 72

Semi-custom is a great option for those who:

  1. Experience differences between their right and left feet. You can order two different sizes.
  2. If you think you need a ”double wide” as a ”wide” version is not sufficient.
  3. If you want to personalize your shoes (colors and/or name embroided).

You have made up your mind and semi-custom is the way to go for you? After placing the order, we will contact you to proceed with the customization process. 

Still not sure what to do? Just send us a message: 

The Reins team will be happy to assist you. 

Yes, Speedplay four-hole shoes are available in a number of models and are made to order. The following models are available with a Speedplay four-hole drilled sole and can be ordered through their respective product pages:

Vaypor S

There is no extra charge for Speedplay shoes with four holes, but they are made to order with a production run of 4-5. Shoes made by Speedplay can be returned according to our return policy. They are made to order but are not considered a ‘special order’ item. 

1. Always check if there is a match with the style of the current shoes and check that all parts have been received correctly: 2x heel cushions, 2x heel cushion bolts.

2. Use a screwdriver to loosen the heel pad bolt from the bottom of the shoe. If the bolt cannot be removed easily, remove the insole and check that the T-nut (NUTS) of the sole pad is in the correct position. When turning, it can be held securely in place using circlip pliers or similar. Then replace the T-nuts (T-NUTS) of the sole pad.

3. (IF APPLICABLE) To keep everything perfectly in place, remove existing heel pads with a small amount of acetone to help dissolve the adhesive and hold it in place.

4. Clean the surface thoroughly with acetone or nail polish remover on a cotton pad or the like. To go to the next step, it must be completely dry and evaporated. 

5. The supplied bolt should be pushed through the bolt hole of the heel pad and then apply a small amount of LOCTITE 401 to the surface of the heel pad.

6. Insert one or two LOCTITE threadlocker blue 242 or equivalent into the T-Nut (T-NUTS) screw carrier of the sole pad. This prevents it from coming loose.

7. Mount the heel pad on the sole and make sure it is aligned with the original heel pad.

8. Tighten the bolt on the bottom of your shoe. Do this carefully the heel pad is made of rubber and the bolt is made of steel. Please don’t pull it too tight!

9. Repeat for matching shoe.

10. Before you plan to go cycling again. Let it dry for at least 12 hours.

Still can’t figure it out? Contact us

Bont Cycling vented toe bumpers are glued to the front of the shoe, so you need to be extra careful when removing old bumpers and replacing new ones.

To install the heel pads and toe bumpers. Follow these steps.

1. Check that the size of the replacement bumpers matches the pair on your current shoes.

2. Apply a small amount of acetone or nail polish remover or similar to a cotton swab to dissolve glue and help remove the used bumpers. PAY ATTENTION! The upper of the shoe can be damaged if acetone is applied directly to the material. Apply the acetone exactly where it is needed. If necessary, you can pry the toe caps off the sole a bit, and then apply the acetone to the bottom.

3. When the acetone is completely dried, pay close attention to the position of the old bumpers for a perfect installation, place the front bumper on the shoe and determine the correct position needed. You should be able to note the exact position left by the area covered by the original bumper.

4. Apply a small amount of LOCTITE 401 (not included) or equivalent to the inside of the new bumper.

5. Careful placement of the bumper on the shoe is important for a great result.

6. Place the bumper directly on the shoe as accurately as possible. LOCTITE 401 will harden quickly, so for a beautiful result it is essential to place the bumper carefully.

7. When making minor adjustments to the bumper, hold the bumper firmly against the shoe for a few minutes.

8. Repeat the above steps for matching shoe.

9. Allow to dry for at least 12 hours before riding again

Bont Cycling cleats and sole pad t-nuts are designed to ‘bite’ into the sole of the shoe when your cleats or pads are applied.

That said, the t-nut can sometimes twist, making it a little difficult to remove if the existing bolts weren’t greased enough during installation.

The best way to remove our cleats or t-nuts is to either use a pair of circlip pliers from the inside of the shoe (to hold the t-nut in place) or use a pair of needle nose pliers under the head of thebolt and pull upwards as you unscrew it.

Please note, this is easily performed on our Vaypor S, Vaypor+, Helix, Zero+ and Crono models as the t-nuts are visible underneath the innersole. Loose or spinning t-nuts can be glued into the base using a contact adhesive like Gorilla Clear Grip, Loctite Skin’n Seal or equivalent.

Our Riot and Riot+ series have a fabric bottom. If you need to change the t-nuts on these shoes, you will need to make an incision in the fabric to get to the t-nuts.

Replacement cleats and sole t-nuts can be purchased on the following PAGE.

Can I order replacement BOA parts?

In the event of a manufacturing defect, the BOA Fit system has a lifetime warranty and is handled directly by BOA.

Replacement parts are also available directly from BOA.

If you want to take a chance on warranty or want to order parts of the BOA Fit system, you can have the replacement parts shipped by following the steps via the link below:

If your question cannot be resolved in terms of warranty, please contact us at the email address below:

All warranty claims should be submitted to the point of purchase as soon as the problem is found. Please be advised only purchases made directly through can be processed direct.

If you purchased your Bont Cycling product from rEINS.CC directly, please email us at INFO@REINS.CC with the following information:

  • Proof of purchase.
  • Full name, delivery address, contact phone and email, if different from sent email address.
  • Background around issue found, how it occurred and when along with any additional information that may assistance our warranty team in processing your claim.
  • Clear images of issue found. If possible, please indicate in imagery where issue can be found. This will reduce processing time.

Please ensure all requested information is included in your original email to avoid delays. Be advised failure to provide all information requested may result in your claim being rejected. Once received, a representative from will be in touch within five working days.


All products (except outlet shoes and discounted shoe attributes) are eligible for return and refund – excluding shipping – within 30 days of being received.

All returns must be in new condition and include all original packaging. Cleat installation, heat moulding or damage to any product will deem the return ineligible for refund. Return shipping costs and insurance must be covered by the customer. Unfortunately Reins is unable to accept liability for any damaged, lost or delayed return products.

Please be advised semi and full-custom items are not eligible for return or exchange due to incorrect size selection or change of mind. Semi and full-custom shoes are made to order and cannot be returned into normal Reins stock. If you believe an error has been made with your order, please email with the information as requested below.


At Reins, we have done everything possible to ensure your size selection is the right one. We understand, however, that even with our choose your size support and perfect fit scan, it’s not always possible to determine the best fit without trying them on. So, that’s why we give you 30 days from receipt to exchange your shoes for a different size or color.

As per our returns policy, the customer is responsible for the cost of returning the goods to our European warehouse in the Netherlands in addition to shipment of replacement product(s). Please be advised we recommend you take up insurance when returning any products as Reins cannot be held responsible for lost, damaged or delayed items.

Exchange of shoes from our Outlet section will incur a handling fee of EUR €15.

In order to return or exchange an item, please email: with the following information:

– Your order number.
– Reason for return and/or exchange. Please include details around any issues experienced with the product and where possible, provide photos with clear labelling of issues found.
– Return shipping address including full name of recipient, email and contact phone number.

A representative from will contact you within two working days with details on the nearest location for return products.

For UKSwitzerland and Norway: any additional costs, such as import VAT and (customs) clearance costs, will be borne by the Buyer.

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