Semi Custom is a great choice if you are having irregular feet, e.g. one foot is longer or wider than the other, slightly abnormal shaped feet or flat arch.

To complete the customization, you can choose your own colors and have your name embroided on your shoe!

  1. Choose your semi custom shoe.
  2. Purchase the shoe or contact us directly.
  3. We process your request, discuss your requirements and send you a 3D sample.

Semi Custom is only available for the following models:


Full Custom is a great choice for those who are looking for the perfect fit by having their shoes fully customized and shaped around their feet.

  1. You choose a shoe below and place the order or contact us directly.
  2. We get in touch with you in order to proceed the purchase, send you a 3D sample and plan the custom molding.
  3. We turn your creation into your desired shoe model!

In order to get to the best result possible, we will be in close contact with you!

Full Custom is available for the following models:

Full custom - gypsum molding process

full custom gypsum molding3

Prices include all services such as, molding sox, freight costs for the molding sox or the shoes.

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